Engaged at the intersection of good art and good works, Mad Street Arts is three things: A place, a people, and a program.  We are a gallery (a place) offering quarterly exhibits curated with local artists around relevant themes in an effort to bring people together in a room where the art is an invitation for personal engagement and meaningful conversation.  We are a collaborative (a people) of twenty artists from a wide spectrum of disciplines—visual artists, writers, musicians & songwriters, theater artists, and dancers--developing community-based arts projects with the people of under-resourced places.  We are a studio (a program) offering classes in the arts. 

We aim to foster community by fostering art. 

Our Story

Mad Street Arts is a natural outgrowth of commonGood, an asset-based community development effort--empowering one another to bring our gifts, skills, and talents and use them for the betterment of our neighborhoods, city, and beyond--the centerpiece of viaShalom, a public benefit 501(c)(3). 

The short version is that we started just over a year ago as the Mad St. Gallery, interested in where things might go from there.  Before the year was out, plans had shaped up to offer our first art class ("Drawing for Those Who Don't)", and a long-term community-based art project with our neighbors in Casa Blanca.  The Studio and the Collaborative were born.